The four best words

I recently realised what the four best words in the world are. How shall I tell you about them?

Why not start with a few of the worst four words, and what they really mean? For example –

It’s in the post: we all know what that means.

Leave it with me: not a hope of anything happening.

I’ve got a problem: I had a problem, but it’s going to be yours now.

I’ll pray for you: I disapprove.

Any of these can be nice, by the way – especially the last one in the right context – but I’ve been on the receiving end of all of them, used as weapons. How about you?

Now for some of the best:

How can I help?

I love you too

Come back again soon

You do look well

No need to decode any of those, surely. You’ll have a few of your own, and I’m waiting to hear them.

But the best? Well, it took a day last week with my daughter, son-in-law and two beautiful grandsons to hit me with this. A day of chasing round the floor, delicious cuddles, silly faces, giggling on the swings, kicking up leaves, splashing in puddles, tearing open presents, building Duplo, reading Thomas the Tank Engine, playing trains, hearing about the farm animals, singing songs, making jokes, laughing out loud, pretending I’m not really 63, going home exhausted. So, the best four words in the world? No contest:

Do it again grandad!

My favourite at the moment anyway.

I know. I promised I would never go on like this. But … well … you know …

2 thoughts on “The four best words

  1. Ummm!!!
    Grandma could do with those words a little less sometimes!!!
    But I know what you mean and if I have to go without a yummy hug for more than a few days I have to visit again pronto….
    I spent Friday In the Ancient Egypt gallery with my eldest informing me of all the things he had learned this half term. Magical.


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