Once in a blue moon …

Once in a blue moon … they say … there is a blue moon.

Well here it is, taken from my balcony using the miraculous new tripod I was given for my birthday (Cancerian – moon influence – geddit?):

(photo: Alan the Wordsmith)

Not blue enough? OK try this, using (get me) Aperture Priority:

(photo: Alan the Wordsmith)

So is it blue? I’m told it’s something to do with particles in Indonesia. Or with something, somewhere. If you want it bluer, you can play with the white balance on the camera, or just get a paintbrush. I don’t know which is quicker.

Finally here’s a photo in context, because I like the view from my balcony:

(photo: Alan the Wordsmith)

That’s all folks! Nite!

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